Thoo Mweh Khee School

The TMK School is located in Thailand, close to the Myanmar border. Some students come from local Thai villages, but many of the students are Karen children whose families live in remote villages in Myanmar, and have limited educational choices. Children from remote areas live at TMK School during the term. There are always challenges in providing food, clothing, curriculum material and learning resorces.

"I want to dream big. I don't want any Karen child living in this region to miss out on the best possible educational opportunites. Education is the key to the future."

Pastor Peacefully
(TMK School Director)

TMK's goal is to educate kids at every level of primary and secondary school. Once students complete year 10, TMK aims to provide either vocational training or academic preparation so students can go on to university. TMK currently has around 620 students.

Thoo Mweh Khee means
"The source of the river."

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Cartooning is a universal language

Cartooning is a universal language. It doesn't matter what part of our world boys and girls live in - they love to draw cartoons. During 2013 I've had the privilege of visiting schools in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar and drawing cartoons with the kids.

Cartooning on the Thailand/Myanmar Border
Richard and Principal Thra Pway Doh with Grade 4 students at TMK School

Drawing Koalas

Introducing Banjo Blue to the Grade 2 students