Cartoon Workshops Prep to Grade 6

Richard presents cartoon workshops in primary schools across Victoria. The cartoon workshops are hands-on and interactive, and are ideal for all ages, from Prep to Grade 6. They aim to give students the tools and confidence to overcome the "I can't draw" hurdle and have fun with their cartooning, no matter what their ability.

The students learn simple cartooning techniques by drawing characters with a range of moods and expressions. They also learn how to create their own characters, by starting off with simple shapes and building the cartoon step by step. We cover shapes, character creation, expression, speech bubbles and action.

It doesn't matter whether you can draw or not, Richard's cartoon workshops are for everyone.

How Many Students?

Each session can have one or two grades. As a rule of thumb, four sessions with two classes each can cater for around 200 students. Five sessions can cater for ten classes, or around 250 students.

If you've got 400 students at school, we'd need eight sessions over two days. Check out the session numbers link to get an idea of how many sessions you'll need.

If there's a spare session at the end of the day, we can present an extra session for those students who are extra keen or could benefit from some more cartooning. It's a great confidence booster for kids who may struggle in other areas.

What Do They Need?

Each student needs

  • four sheets of A4 paper
  • a pencil
  • a firm surface, such as a board or a workbook, to work on.

Students can work on the floor, allowing the use of the library or a multi-purpose room.

How Much Will It Cost?

Four one-hour sessions in a day $495

Five one-hour sessions in a day $550

Need More Information?

Check our FAQ or send us an email if you have any questions.
Send an email to Richard

Ryan from Mount Waverley North Primary School can have the last word:

"Dear Richard Galbraith,
Thank you for coming and showing us how to draw cartoons. I spent all night drawing faces with expressions. My new enthusiasm is drawing. Last night my mum got angry because I spent all night drawing.

PS. A big thank you to Roula Konidaris from Glendal Primary School for help making the video.